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Shanghai Volkswagen moved field Logistics Limited (total) company established Yu July 1992, more than 10 years to engaged in Shanghai moved company, Shanghai moved field company, mass moved company, mass moved field company, mass moved, mass moved field, Shanghai Volkswagen moved, Shanghai Volkswagen moved field, Shanghai Volkswagen moved company, Shanghai Volkswagen moved field company service, company through has a article from scratch, and by weak to strong of hard development away. "Public" employees nearly 12 branches throughout the city, all types of transport vehicles, lifting more than 300 vehicles. Company mainly engaged in residents, enterprises moving, moving services, small package express, goods, air conditioning, furniture disassembly and Assembly, city logistics, cleaning cleaning, container transport, chemical and transportation projects.

for more than 10 years, svw move Logistics Limited (total) the company has repeatedly been involved in major engineering move in Shanghai: the inner ring elevated, yanzhong green space relocation, Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai municipal library, and the Shanghai youth activities, construction of key projects, large-scale sculpture installation, were widely praised by the social from all walks of life.

Shanghai Volkswagen moved field Logistics Limited (total) company integrity of service, excellent of quality, good of image, by has from all walks of life of consistent certainly, company continuous get Ministry civilization units (2001), Shanghai City civilization units (97~98, and 99~00, and 01~02, and 03-04 years degrees), Shanghai City lamor collective (01-03 years degrees), trade unions model workers Mus musculus (2005), and 2005 Shanghai strength enterprise, and Growth-oriented enterprises in Shanghai and other honorary titles.

Shanghai residents move, moving: for high-end furniture, mahogany, teak, rosewood, modern furniture, air conditioning with professional disassembly, specializing in moving the piano.

Shanghai enterprises moving, moving: in ground, Office building, Office, large transport vehicles.

lifting installation: lifting road, installation, with 5 tons, 8-ton, 12-ton, 20 ton, truck cranes, one to three tons hydraulic car, two to five-ton forklifts, all kinds of slings, and so on.

long distance logistics: shipped to big cities in the country, safety, on-time, fast.

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