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People in Shanghai moved busy moving company

&Nbsp;   on new year's day is coming, today is the last day of 2010, new year starts tomorrow! New year's day comes, accompanied by a three-day holiday, a three-day holiday is nothing for 11 holiday vacation, but there are a lot of people to take advantage of the festive holiday spirit moved a good sign! &Nbsp;

    in Shanghai, moved a lot of people choose to use new year's holidays. The past few days, more than 7,000 vehicles moving truck on the go in the city, some five or six trips a day to do car business, workload has doubled than usual 1 time. Many moving companies business in Shanghai has been routed to the Festival, also are in short supply. Liu Weijun  , General Manager of Shanghai Gong Xing moved logistic Assistant full:  we reached the Nineth   in order to meet the temporary needs of the public we have also reserved a few cars   that members of the public calling in   usually meet at any time.   

    but in order to avoid worry about some public happy Tim, I want to tell you that move, then it is better to look for regular moving company, the newspaper has also received some citizens ' complaints against moving companies, moving companies are not punctual, "pigeon" ... ... To the public "housewarming" so much chaos. A public that now moving company do not need to go through any procedures, only an address, convenience is convenience, but people do not trust.   

    I think that Shanghai gongxing moving mass move, and should fit you requirements for moving companies must be the desire of the most important thing is we won.


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