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Business process
(1) moving • communication

     communication with customers to understand customer requirements, site surveys, project technical book.

(2) move • to prepare

     to further improve project plan details, organizational and technical personnel, equipment, instruments, and, careful preparation for the implementation of the project. Check vehicle, be sure to keep each operating condition in good.

(3) • moving loads

     at the time of shipment, using the appropriate equipment and instruments, attention to the device and channel protection, ordered loads, cargo weight matching to avoid overloading.

(4) • moving shipment

     selection of hatchbacks, the completion of the loading, shipping a car, ensure that complete the project on schedule task.

(5) moving way ·

     under the command of field coordination and processing of related matters on the way, maintain communication with customers.

(6) after moving ·

     arrived at the specified time and place, inform the customer acceptance.

(7) • moving acceptance

     staff to help customers check, validation, and acceptance, and form a valid record.

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